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Hey, I'm Jonathan, a Somatic Life Coach. My mission is to support people in connecting somatically to their body's wisdom, to be present with whatever arises, creating flow and clarity in their lives.

Coaching Tools


Somatics is the mind-body connection. Developing this skill can support folks in living a life more aligned with their values and integrity. An example of this in session, might look like doing a guided meditation while exploring an issue you are working through.


Mindfulness is bringing awareness to whatever arises with compassion, without judgment. Searching and exploring with curiosity.


I bring flow to the coaching session by being fully present with the client and allowing the session to move wherever it needs to. I believe in letting both of our intuitions guide us in session.

Non-Violent Communication

The framework of Non-Violent Communication teaches us to move from the disconnecting patterns of blaming and defensiveness to a communication style that facilitates understanding, empathy and openness. This framework is embedded in my coaching practice.

Psychedelic Medicine Integration

I support folks in their psychedelic integration through the Somatic approach. This could involve returning to a potent moment to deepen into the lessons and insight from the experience. We will also develop practices to continually dip into the wisdom of the medicine experience as it lives in the body.

Meet Jonathan Gutierrez

Hello! My name is Jonathan Faxas Gutierrez. I am a Cis-male, Queer, Meditator, Flow Enthusiast. I am a Somatic Life Coach and I trained with the Mindfulness Coaching School. 

My interest in joining a helping field started while I was in my long term men’s group which has been meeting for over 7 years. After I experienced the healing power of men being vulnerable and holding compassionate space with other men, I decided to start my own men’s group as an experiment. I have been leading and facilitating this group for over two years and it has gone beyond my expectations. These experiences along with my meditation and somatic practices have helped me move into living a vibrant and joyful life. 

Even though I have a passion for men’s work, my intention is to have an inclusive practice where I can support clients identifying anywhere on the gender and queer spectrum. I will support those that are feeling stuck, dull and disconnected in life, as well as those seeking growth in mindfulness/meditation. 

My greatest strength is the deep presence, compassion, and curiosity that I offer to my clients. My hope is that this creates a container for growth, ease, and clarity. 

Reach out for a free discovery call to see if we would be a good fit together!

“The body is a multilingual being.  It speaks through its color and its temperature, the flush of recognition, the glow of love, the ash of pain, the heat of arousal, the coldness of nonconviction. . . . It speaks through the leaping of the heart, the falling of the spirits, the pit at the center, and rising hope.”

~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés


What My Amazing Clients
Would Tell You:


I came to Jonathan to have an objective perspective on my life to assist in better thinking and emotional wellbeing. I didn't anticipate connecting with my body so much, let alone realize how disconnected I had been. Over the past number of months, my decisions have served me more, and I feel more aligned with my inner being. I HIGHLY recommend working with him.


Coaching with Jonathan is a dream! Jonathan brings a calm, steady, non-judgemental presence to our sessions. His somatic and meditative approach helps me get out of my head and into my body-- something that's hard for me to do and so impactful. Our sessions have helped me discover a deeper level of truth within myself and make choices aligned with that. So grateful for Jonathan and our impactful coaching together!

Let's work together.

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