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This is a free 30 minute call! During this time, I will explain my background an approach to Somatic Coaching. This will also be a time for you to express any goals and questions that you have. We will have a chat about all of this and see if we are a good fir for each other.


This is for a single 1 hours session. After your discovery call, feel free to start here as we develop our coaching relationship.


You are ready to commit to the coaching process. You have decided we are a good fit and would like to deepen your work. Booking 5 sessions can facilitate creating a container of growth and movement.

Sliding Scale available for all prices, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask.

“JJonathan is an incredibly compassionate and effective coach. I originally came to him hoping to explore ways of being more vulnerable with the people in my life, and through regular sessions with him I have discovered so much about myself beyond that initial desire. I look forward to each of our meetings knowing that I will be seen and heard more clearly than I often see myself!  

The vulnerability that I sought is so clearly demonstrated by Jonathan, and the simple practice of talking to him and having him guide me through meditations has empowered me to show up in my own relationships in ways that I never have before. Sometimes it can be difficult, for instance, to say something that may be hurtful to someone you love. However, Jonathan has helped me to trust that my experience is worthy enough that these relationships are best served with non-violent communication of my needs, and the resulting conversations have freed me from burdens that I didn’t even know I carried.  

Even when I’m not sure what I want to work on before a meeting, Jonathan’s loving, welcoming presence and initial guided meditation clues me in on the issues that are hiding behind my conscious mind, wanting to be seen. I am rewarded each time by a transformative experience, however big or small, that helps me attune to my body and emotions in ways that I never have before. This greater connection to myself has transformed my meditation practice, and I feel like I am embodying more of myself every day, even when that can be difficult or uncomfortable.  

It turns out that what I really needed was to become more vulnerable and compassionate toward myself, and that in doing that, my light naturally shines brighter for others. As someone who often felt guilt or shame for putting myself first, this was truly a revelation in my life. I am so deeply appreciative of Jonathan for helping me to realize this. He is an exceptional person and coach who I would recommend wholeheartedly to anyone hoping to bring themselves into more alignment with their life.  

~ Phil

Let's work together.

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