Hello! My name is Jonathan Faxas Gutierrez. Some of my identities include Filipino, Cuban, Queer, Cis-Male, Meditator, Movement and Flow Enthusiast. I grew up in South Florida and currently live in the beautiful desert of Tucson, AZ where I have lived for over 8 years.

Many years ago, I attended a Tantric yoga and meditation retreat that was based on emotional healing. During this retreat, I realized how disconnected I was from my own body and emotions. This started a long process of reconnecting to my body through therapy, somatics, meditation, rock climbing, and yoga. Learning to feel my body and emotions deeply, has led me to live a more meaningful and dynamic life rooted in purpose.

Along with reconnecting with my body, I have learned how to be vulnerable and share openly with others. This was a skill developed through 7+ years of men’s group work as a facilitator and participant. This promoted deep personal growth and has fueled my passion for helping men connect and experience life more fully. My intention is to bring presence, compassion and openness in the hopes of offering the world more meaningful connections.

My vision is to live in a world where people have the ability to check-in with their body’s, to notice what is alive in them. Once they are able to do this with presence and compassion, then they can move towards living with flow and joy.

I have my BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida and I  worked in this field for 8 years. I have completed my training with the Mindfulness Coaching School and I have my ACC coaching license with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I also work as a Leadership Coach with LaTonya Wilkins at Change Coaches.


“What I appreciate most in Jonathan is his intriguing questions paired with humour and lightness. He skillfully weaved non-violent communication into the coaching sessions that brought me greater clarity on what I really want. As a result I feel more confident asking for help, setting boundaries and saying no. Approaching my challenges from this liberated place helped me experience the richness of my own resources. I regained my potential to creatively develop with a variety of alternatives and solutions to my problems that brought a whole range of new opportunities and ease both into my life and business. 

Jonathan’s coaching allowed me to connect with my body’s wisdom. As someone who had a tendency of people-pleasing and putting others’ needs before her own, it was a breakthrough turning my attention into my own needs and trusting my somatic signals. I rely on my feelings when making a decision and it helps me live with integrity: my inner reality and how I show up in the world feel harmonious and aligned.”
Zsanett, Life and Business Coach

“My goal was to alleviate anxiety and feel more connected to my body, and feel my emotions better. After a couple months of practice with Jon, I feel a significant improvement.
My connection to my body is stronger now, and I can feel that it will continue to grow stronger as I keep practicing. I am surprised yet satisfied with my growth within a short amount of time.

– Albert

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